Vidya Prabodhini Prashala - CBSE    14-Mar-2020
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 (a) Criteria:

   1) Taking into account safety and security reasons the bus shall not negotiate          areas that fall into below given criteria.

         a)Narrow roads / By lane
         b) Market or crowded area
         c) Bus shall not make U-turns, reverse or go into one ways.

(b) Bus Rules:

   1) Transportation facility is granted for one full session. In case transport is          withdrawn during mid-session; parents shall be liable to pay transport fee for          the full session.

   2) It will be the sole responsibility of the parents to escort the pupil to and from      the fixed bus stop. The bus facility is extended at the sole risk and responsibility       of the parents.

   3) Any suggestions or complaints should be reported to the transport in-charge.          Parents are expected to treat the bus staff courteously. Do not give instructions       to bus staff, driver or conductor.

   4) The bus shall stop at the pre-decided stops only for picking up children.

   5) Those who are late will miss the bus at their own risk. The buses will be plying        as per the scheduled time no delay shall be considered.

   6) For security reasons, students who miss the bus from the assigned stop will not       be picked up from any other stop.

   7) In case a parent / Guardian is not present at the bus stop to pick up the child       while being dropped back, the child will be driven back to the school.

   8) Parents /Guardian should not enter the bus.

   9) Please do not stop the school bus at any unauthorized stop nor overtake the bus       to enable your ward to board the bus as this would compromise the children’s       safety.